Web design

  • Goal: Design and development of visually eye catching web sites that generate high return on investment

Web site design

The design of each site follows the web strategic planning, for the specific site and is tailored to address each company's needs.

Technology used

CMS Support:

  • Add more pages to your website with a few clicks
  • Change photos, videos, text on any website pages

Rich media inclusion:

  • Photo and video galleries
  • Flash animations

Rich functionality:

  • Interactive forms
  • Newsletters
  • Interactive maps
  • Banners
  • Events lists
  • Social media connections

Key factors at web site design and development

Usability: We want to ensure that the visitors will stay at the site and find easily the information they are looking for

Creative design: We want to create web sites that are visually eye catching

Technology: We use technologies that are robust and ensure the security of the web site

Dynamic content: We use technologies that support dynamic content and give to the customer all the tools to update the site in a constant basis

Search Engine Friendliness: We want to ensure that the sites we build are search engine friendly in terms of design as well as technology

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